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Workshop Session Plan
Key Learning Outcomes




“Happiness is discovering
why you are here”


Happiness is a decision. Do you believe that?

According to Andrew Mathews in his book ‘Being Happy’ ….“It is not what happens to us in life that determines our happiness so much as the way we react to what happens”.

Happiness is essential for wellbeing, cooperation, innovation and fostering positive environments which all contribute to a fulfilling life. Happy people are less likely to get sick, are more resilient to stress and are keen to contribute proactively.

Happiness is a topic least talked about, yet it is critical for wellbeing. The workshop Happiness 4 Life is designed to inspire people to take responsibility for their happiness and learn ways to look at life positively.

Workshop Focus:
To understand real happiness
Target Audience:
Students and staff
1.5 hours
Expected Outcomes:

The workshop instils a different way of seeing life through a positive prism of self responsibility understanding what blocks happiness and what facilitates a happier psychological predisposition towards challenges in life.

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The Happiness 4 Life workshop is for schools and community. The workshop is presented by Peacefull the Clown, who shares a clowns perspective on real happiness.   Peacefull was invited to Russia with Dr. Patch Adams and clowns regularly in hospitals to inspire positivity and happiness.  She has since travelled the world with the same message.

The workshop design is part theory and part practical to action happiness in our lives and community.  The workshop explores what is happiness, what blocks happiness and the importance of positive thinking.  This is not rose coloured thinking but seeing the good in situations and becoming aware of our perceptions, how they colour what we see and believe.   Students learn that happiness can be blocked by decisions to be right rather than happy, this does not mean compromise it means seeking a win/win as distinct from a win/lose in situations.  It is facing situations with a positive mental attitude.   The workshop explores why people feel unhappy and how our psychology, emotions and beliefs affect us.  The workshops explores the values and how important values are as navigation tools in life.  Students will have a go at laughter and practice laughing for no reason.  They will also discuss happiness as action and how to inspire greater happiness in our community.  The session finishes with photos expressing the psychology of wisdom.

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Workshop Session Plan

  • What is happiness?
  • Positive thinking
  • Happiness blockers
  • Creating happiness
  • Right or happy
  • Why are people unhappy?
  • Emotions and perceptions
  • Core values
  • Laughter
  • Happiness in Action
  • Peaceful schools communities and wisdom.

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Key Learning Outcomes

  • To understand we are all responsible for our happiness
  • To brainstorm happiness in life and work
  • To learn skills in positive thinking
  • To develop an understanding of positive attitudes
  • To learn about power issues
  • To understand the power of negativity
  • To learn that emotions colour the way we feel and what we see
  • To look at core values and how that affects happiness
  • To experience laughing and letting go, to feel happy
  • To learn how each person can action happiness at home, work and in the community

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