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Workshop Session Plan
Key Learning Outcomes



Awaken the Fool is a half day program which takes students on a mythical journey to discover the fool within themselves and where they are fooling themselves.  It outlines the REAL HOPES values model to demonstrate values and the wisdom of the fool.  To awaken the fool within is to really develop a deeper awareness of what is important in life.  It is about being okay with foolishness in the sense of stepping outside of the comfort zone, speaking your truth (gently) and daring to be yourself.  It is not about rebelling it is about accepting diversity and our true nature which is based on universal values.  When these values are lived as the real gold of life then people can explore their purpose and live life to the fullest (fool-ist) :o) 

Workshop Focus:
Students will learn about the wisdom of the fool and that the real gold in life exists within them.  Students will learn of the REAL HOPES values framework and how this applies to resilience in life and developing full potential.
Target Audience:
Secondary, Tertiary and Community
Half day
Expected Outcomes:
Learning the wisdom of the mythical fool’s journeys to discover in the metaphor of the real gold in life is to develop and live values.  That is what makes people value-able.   The Fool epitomises the philosophy ‘to thine own self be true’.  Students will be able to discover their values to inspire REAL HOPES in their lives. 

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The Peace Fool is an archetypal figure who demonstrates living peace.  The fool steps out into life with innocence discovering the wisdom as s/he stubs her toe on the stones and rocks of life.  Each obstacle becomes an opportunity to be with the pain and learn how to avoid pain in the future.  If one keeps returning to the same place and stubbing the toe, the fool hasn’t learned the lesson or has been in a vague state not really awake as s/he walks.

The Peace Fool carries REAL HOPES in a bag of magic tricks.  The gold is not in physical gold but in the fools gold of REAL HOPES which is truly value-able:


Each value is the wealth the fool carries.  It is the real wealth, it is the fool’s gold because everyone thinks it is not real wealth as s/she has nothing and is a fool.  They are spellbound by the trinkets and material things in the world.  Whilst the fool spends life discovering that the gold is within and watches bemused as the world keeps digging for gold and looking outside themselves to other people and the external world to give them the gold.  The fool is in a constant state of joy because she has everything in her bag that she could possibly need.  People in the world are in a constant state of pain and lack because they are always trying to find the gold out there.  The fool knows when you go within you do not go without.  The world has it the other way around when they go without  they don’t go within.  So the fool feels full and the people feel empty.  Yet the fool knows that when you empty of desire, that is when the gold appears like magic.  Yet people think if they are empty they can fill their stomachs, yet they get hungry again and spend their whole lives trying to be full. 

Students will ponder the question – how can the fool’s gold be the real gold in life?

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Workshop Session Plan

  1. The philosophy of the Fool
  2. Exploring the fools gold as real wealth
  3. Exploring values
  4. Responsibility: brainstorming, power issues, self responsibility
  5. Empathy:  brainstorming and bullying role play
  6. Awareness: brainstorming, perception and awareness raising
  7. Love: brainstorming, definition and positive praise
  8. Honesty: brainstorming, and learning about truth and personal inquiry
  9. Oneness: brainstorming, group activities and cooperation
  10. Peace: brainstorming, flow, in the moment of now and inner peace
  11. Enjoyment: brainstorming, juggling and clowning around
  12. Service: brainstorming, definition and develop ideas about a peace fool community
  13. Conclusion 

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Key Learning Outcomes

  • To understand that to be a Fool is to be unafraid to be yourself.
  • To explore values and activities to integrate values.
  • To understand life in terms of going with the natural flow, taking self responsibility, living truthfully and finding inner peace.
  • To learn through team work how to share ideas, discuss, develop and prioritse ideas in the development of a peaceful community.
  • To become aware of the importance of values as the real wealth in life. 
  • To understand it is inner values that bring true value to lives and happiness in being true to Self.

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