A New Values Model

A Holistic Problem Solving Model

The REAL HOPES. model is an innovative shift from rational left brain analysis and argument (linear) to a combined
holistic (creative) perspective.

REAL HOPES is an acronym for:  Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love, Honesty, Oneness, Peace, Enjoyment and Service.

The REAL HOPES. model is a powerful problem solving integrative model which enables holistic and inspired solutions.   It guides people to access their own values system when thinking about problems.  The model ensures that responses to problems come primarily from values as the prism through which they develop holistic solutions.

REAL HOPES integrates logic and emotional intelligence to expand intelligence and visions of what is possible to catalyse balanced solutions.

… Because we KNOW WHAT TO DO when we really listen to ourselves.










To Be of Service to the world
You pre-serve it
in Love, Truth and Joy

The power of REAL HOPES  is the link to symbols and awaken recall.  The brain recalls images as symbols as a natural intelligence.  The model provides a value-able frame of reference which generates solutions from values rather than deductionist styles of thinking which seek to frame the universe first and then deduce the answer.  Values work from an emotional perspective and link to intuition and positivity.  It is through positive values that solutions will naturally develop solutions that benefit the whole rather than self interest.  The model evokes the answers from within.  So the teacher does not have proscribed answers, it is for the student to access inner knowledge from a values perspective.  So innovative ideas will be evoked.

Let’s try on the model and run a goodness of fit test.   The question is what to do about climate change. 

If I am Responsible (able to respond I can do something)  and then looking at climate change.    Images arise – I am responsible, I feel a commitment to act, I see activities I can do.

If I feel empathy and then look at climate change.  What is evoked.    This leads to feelings about being affected by climate change, feelings empathy for the climate (the planet), plant life, adaptability, future generations and that I see myself as the climate of change.

If I am Aware and then look at climate change.  I am aware of what I know, I am aware that I don’t know, I am seeking the facts, I am aware of how climate feels, I feel the temperature change, I notice what others are saying and doing and then wonder how I can spread awareness and see ways and means of communicating.

If I am Love and then look at climate change.  My heart immediately takes me to the planet and the changes that have taken place.  I feel to understand how the animals, plants and organisms are affected and how I would feel if they became extinct.  I look around and see an incredible planet and reflect on my feelings as to how I would feel if our climate changes.  I feel ‘what would love do next’.   How would I express that love for the planet?  What can I do creatively?

If I am honest and look at climate.  I will find out the facts on both sides to determine – is it true?  I then will consider how I have affected the planet in my daily life.  I would explore the world for honesty and if I discover dishonesty, I would question why to understand fear more deeply?  I would ask ‘are there other truths that I haven’t considered?’ (to open my mind).  I would think of ways I could be honest about climate change.  If I don’t know then simply say so.

If I am Oneness and look at climate change.  I see myself as the climate system, I imagine myself circulating the planet.  I feel myself as storms, droughts, floods, snow, tornado’s etc.    I see myself as the planet, I see when I am out of balance what happens.  I then look at the planet out of balance.  As a part of a whole system how do I contribute to the changes?  If I was to change how would that affect the whole system, given oneness.  I also consider how climate change affects my life and family.  I find myself going to food crops and how it links to precipitation, soil quality, genetics, nutrients and mono cultures.  I look at deforestation how does that affect the whole.  So I imagine everything interconnected.

If I am Peace and look at climate change.  I feel myself at peace and I don’t feel fear around it, my thoughts are positive.  I can see if I am peaceful the planet will be peaceful as I am connected, peace means balance so I see myself only taking from nature what I need, I feel harmony in my approach to nature.  I see a permaculture garden, I see myself developing community.   Then I look if I am not at peace how I feel.  I feel like I am empty, that I am scared and this makes me tense and want to fight those who I feel are not saving the planet.   I feel disillusioned and powerless.  Then I return to peace and imagine thoughts, words and deeds that create peace.

If I feel Enjoyment and look at climate change.  I think of fun ways to change what I am doing to positively affect the climate.  I see myself planting trees, going camping, going for walks in nature, joining nature groups and living in a beautiful place.  I see myself as nature and feel great happiness.  I join with those who are positive and fun.

if I feel Service and look at climate change.  I use my skills and talents to serve others.  It could be both sides of the debate, respecting each to have their opinion.  I feel to share my perspective of how we are all in this together and how to work together.  I offer my skills to bring people together to talk about it.   I see service as selfless and reaching beyond my own life to help the planet, people and organisms.  It feels so good to give service and contribute towards a healthier sustainable future.  I see myself speaking about climate change, living a sustainable life,

So that is one WAY to use the model.  Children and teachers will see differently but all will be accessing their values first as a guide to experience and action.

The REAL HOPES model is used in the peace education and sustainability programs.  In relation to the REAL HOPE program it is delivered by Peacefull the clown and each session highlights and integrates values through experiential activities, questioning and games. 

REAL HOPES facilitate accelerated learning by association.   Here are the symbolic associations.


Responsibility – when we are respons-able we are able to respond, we can do something. It is in our hands.

  Empathy – is the ability to step into anothers shoes, to feel their feelings.  empathy deepens our understanding of others through our own experience.

  Awareness – to be able aware of ourselves and others. To be aware of the consequences of our thoughts, words and actions.

  Love – is the heart of non-violence. Love reveals, heals, shares and cares.  Love is the answer and when we express it we heal ourselves and others.



  Honesty – the truth will set you free. Jesters were able to tell the truth in a humorous way. Truth makes the real world visible.

  Oneness – is that we are one world, interconnected to each other and experiencing a sense of unity.

  Peace – is balance and harmony. To be peaceful means you see all the people as different colours in the rainbow of life. When you feel peace it is like white light where you absorb all the colours as part of yourself.

  Enjoyment – is true happiness in the knowledge that you are being yourself and open to the beauty of life.  The joy comes from within.
  Service – Is to pre-serve the world. That is to give or share yourself with the world. It is in giving that we become aware of our own richness.
So if you wish to solve a problem or create a solution, simply look at it through REAL HOPES.