Kindergarten Photos



Below are sample photos from around Australia and around the World working with Early Childhood.  See if you can find Patch Adams.  I clowned with him in orphanages in Russia.  I have visited 20 countries to spread peace, love and happiness to children. Enjoy

ch2 when we love ch 5 central america creative

Peacefull sitting with kids Peacefull juggling

Peacefull with squeezy ball Peacefull juggling clubs

clown teacher207_7021 Peacefull and bubbles\

The world is in the hands of kids 245_1592

106_0125 106_0139

106_0145 106_0099

245_1598 245_1590

Peacefull at Kindergarten Melton 1 Peacefull at Kindergarten Melton 2

Peacefull and kindy kids Peacefull and bella

Chapter 18 child peace Chapter 18 Peacefull montessori 2

chapter 15 india 3 Chapter 14 Travelling world costa rica world citizen

Chapter 18 peacefull and gordon montesorri Chapter 11 Andong 13

Chapter 7 REAL HOPE 3 Chapter 7 REAL HOPE 5

Chapter 6 Patch girl 4 Chapter 11 Andong 11